Mould4Plast Third Newsletter

The European automotive industry and plastics are inextricably linked. Of all the areas ofmechanical engineering, the application of these materials is necessary and also cost-effective. The automotive industry is one of the largest and most important customers ofmodern plastic and composite materials . Today, individual car manufacturers can choosefrom a large number of plastic materials for interiors, where the emphasis is on softness,durability and colourfastness, as well as for exteriors with the main requirements fordurability, rigidity or toughness. At the same time, technologies for plastics processing andrelated processes, such as mould design and production, are being developed. That is why itis very important to have comprehensive training that will help workers in this sectorto develop their knowledge .

Mould4Plast Second Newsletter

If you are interested in high-quality online learning materials for Plastic Mould Making then you are in right place. The main goal was providing professional training in the field of plastic injection moulds which has been fully achieved by a consortium of 5 partners from 4 European countries. Contact to each partner is on the last page of this Newsletter.

Mould4Plast First Newsletter

After summer Mould4Plast project partners are publishing their first Newsletter which summarises previous activity. Feel free to download and share our results. In the upcoming period, Mould4Plast consortium will have an international meeting organised by AVIA held in Valencia.